Is Your Home Energy Efficient?

  • Dave McBride
  • 03 Jan 2017

Today, as people search for new ways to save money, they don’t often realize the great savings that energy efficient homes can provide. And there’s more to it than just reducing energy bills. It’s a time-proven method of protecting our health and our environment.

It may take a small investment to make your home energy efficient, but once you’re done, you will be saving money month after month. This will consequently give you a nice return on your investment. Besides saving money with lower utility bills and spending less on repair and maintenance, there are other benefits to energy efficient homes:

  • Better air quality in energy efficient homes
  • Health improvements and/or avoiding health issues
  • Increased confidence with living in a more comfortable and durable home
  • The market value of energy efficient homes increase with each improvement
  • Fewer emissions thus a safer environment for everyone as you do your part for environmental protection

Some ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home are:

  • Get an HVAC audit done to diagnose any possible HVAC issues
  • Have necessary maintenance performed on your HVAC system
  • Get a high-efficiency heat pump installed
  • Replace an old AC system with a high-efficiency central AC
  • Test and repair or replace air ducts in your home
  • Insulate your attic or upgrade the attic insulation
  • Ensure your attic is fully sealed
  • Seal windows or install energy-efficient windows
  • Seal the interior of your home, including baseboards, floors, and switches or plugs
  • Weather-strip your doors

Energy efficient homes give monetary savings in many ways, as well as provide all the benefits listed above. Improving your home’s energy efficiency is one of the smartest moves you can make this year and for many years to come. Contact McBride Construction Inc for more ways we can help improve your home.