Lighting Considerations for Your Home

  • Dave McBride
  • 22 Jul 2017

McBride Construction offers Lighting Considerations.

When you remodel your home, lighting is an important consideration, from functionality to aesthetics. Quite typically, most rooms in your older home will offer only a single fixture mounted on the ceiling. Even if you place free standing lamps about the room, deep shadows continue to fill the corners. Meal preparation in the kitchen is hampered by the lack of under cabinet lighting. Shaving and applying make-up is difficult in the bathroom with a simple overhead fixture at the mirror.

When you remodel you should give your lighting plan just as much attention as the rest of your home’s design.

Below are a few benefits of proper lighting in your home:


1. Good lighting aids in important tasks:

  • Your morning routine
  • Meal preparation
  • Office work
  • Entertainment
  • Rest and relaxation

2. Good lighting promotes safety and security:

  • Brightens cabinet contents, including medicine bottles
  • Illuminates hallways at night for safe navigation
  • Outlines the hard edges on countertop
  • Lights up entrances and walkways
  • Illuminates dark corners on the exterior of your home

3. Good lighting adds beauty and drama:

  • Enhances the interior design with attractive fixtures
  • Highlights architectural details, such as beams
  • Spotlights artwork and furniture collections
  • Floods the walls or ceilings with light and color
  • Increases curb appeal on the exterior

Today there is a shift toward more efficient lighting technologies that allows you to make energy saving changes in your home. For example, LED fixtures can deliver the same amount of lumens as a standard 60 watt bulb at only 13 watts, and LEDs can last more than 20 years. They are available as tapes, pucks, undercabinet lights, recessed ceiling lights, pendants and more. Many cabinet manufacturers are now placing LED tapes inside cabinet drawers, so that when you open the drawer, the contents are illuminated. LEDs work well for this application because they remain cool to the touch.

There are so many new and exciting lighting products that you will want to consider when you remodel. We at McBride Construction welcome your lighting questions and are happy to offer our expert guidance. Feel free to contact us at or by calling 231-348-2749.