Planning Your Remodeling Project in the World of Mobile Apps

  • Dave McBride
  • 18 Sep 2017

Before a remodeling project involves saws and pipe wrenches, much thought and planning needs to go into it, so that the final result turns out as desired. A planning phase of 6-months or more between the time you decide that you want to improve your home and the time work actually begins is normal. At a rather early point you will want to start the conversation with us at McBride Construction, so that we bring our experience and perspective into the thought process. But prior to that, you need to gain a specific understanding of the space you would like to remodel and what you would like it to become.

Traditionally, this is where homeowners have collected magazines, tabbing or clipping articles and photos to help discover the possibilities and crystalize their ideas. It is for this reason that we send you The Remodeling News, our newsletter, which keeps you abreast of the latest trends for the home. This kind of resource invites you to curl up in a cozy chair and dream.

But now, with mobile technology, there is emerging an awesome variety of additional resources in the form of mobile apps. Many of them are geared for the do-it-yourself designer and/or contractor. But others can be truly useful for those who realize that, if you want professional results, you are most likely to get them from professionals with the experience and education that you neither have time to get, nor want to get. The value of these apps is to help you with your own pre-planning as well as to help you communicate what you want with your remodeler.

iphone camera-iconThe most useful app is so obvious, you might not even think of it: the camera on your phone. Take lots of pictures. Take pictures of the whole area that you want remodeled and of details. Take them during different times of the day and night. These photos can be invaluable while you are discussing your project with us, and later, when you want to recall what the room or house looked like before the remodel. Once you have the photos, be sure to sync them with your other devices, so they will be available when needed.




While we are on the subject of photos, there are a number of apps that will take photos and allow you to mark them up. Two are Photo Measures and My Measures & Dimensions. These apps allow you to take a photo and then draw your measurements right on to the photo, zooming in and out of the photo as needed. Another set of photo-modification apps are those where you can select a paint color and virtually “repaint” your room. Two possibilities are Paint Tester and Paint Harmony.


To help you gather and organize your ideas, you may want to start with Pinterest and Houzz. These social media sites (with corresponding mobile apps) are designed for people to collect and organize photos and ideas. Pinterest covers everything from wedding dresses to homes, whereas Houzz concentrates on homes.

For those who want to play around with different design possibilities, you may want to consider HomeStyler Interior Design or Room Planner. These apps will let you try out different design ideas for the space you are envisioning based on images from the internet. Be careful, though. Just because you can design a space using an app like one of these, doesn’t mean it can be built, or that you would even like it in reality. That’s where our experienced designers can provide perspectives that you may never dream of.
As you move from the discomfort of a space that no longer works for you to the exciting possibilities of what that space can become, I hope you’ll find these tools useful. I’m looking forward to that moment when we can take your dreams and the basic ideas you’ve developed, make them even better than you’ve imagined, and then turn them into reality!