Value in what you don’t see: Squeaky Floors

  • Dave McBride
  • 10 Apr 2017

It can be a challenge to sell a new client on a project where it does not involve new kitchen cabinets or new cement board siding in Barn Red with white trims. My point is, there is value in working with a professional remodeler who does the unseen improvements that enhance your home. One example of this is the squeaky floor.

How many homes out there are riddled with “hidden land mines” or squeaky floors that make that top secret run to the refrigerator without alerting the rest of your family nearly impossible? Many years ago, McBride Construction, Inc. was determined to come up with a solution to avoid this problem. The old world way of construction was to nail down the sheeting directly to the joist. However, over time, the nails worked their way out of the joist, rubbed against the floor sheeting and viola, you were the proud owner of a new squeaky floor. McBride then learned of gluing the sheeting down. This solution was an improvement but not the ultimate solution. The next evolution was to use screws in combination with glue. The result was a quantum leap forward but we soon learned that our journey was not over. The 1 ½” screws would strip out from time to time during the construction process leading to the occasional squeak. Through education and investigation we learned that the penetration of a 1 ½” was not adequate but 1 ¾” screw did the trick! The added ¼” of penetration was was all we needed for the screws to not strip out.

McBride Construction knows there is more to the science of remodeling and new construction than just nailing a few boards together. In fact, McBride strives to make the visual appearance of our work appealing but also works behind the scenes to ensure superior functionality. Due to our commitment to continuing education and staying current with industry knowledge, our clients can now make that secret midnight pie run and not wake the whole house in the process.